In this section you will find information about the school and also information for pupils. Click on one of the links below to take you to more information.

Calendar –  School year from 2019 – 2020

School Clubs – See what clubs are on offer

Attendance and Bell times – Times all pupils must follow in our school

Adverse Weather Conditions  Information on extreme weather

Dress Code & Equipment – Culloden Academy dress code

Primary Schools – All information on Primary schools in the catchment area

School Buses – Information for pupils who use contract school buses

Standards and Quality report – The standards of quality in our school

Free School Meals & Assistance with clothing – School Meals and Clothing info

Promoting Diversity and Equality


Free Microsoft Office for all Glow users


We have displayed some of the most commonly sought information in this section but most of the information that Parents are looking for can be found here in the School Handbook. It includes information on the following topics:

Basic school and contact information
Parental involvement
School ethos
Community involvement
The curriculum
Skills for learning, life and work
Parents Evenings
Support for Pupils
Child Protection
Pupil Support- additional support needs
School improvement plans
School policies
Extra-curricular activities
Pupil representation
School Merits
School meals
School hours
School Dress Code
Winter weather arrangements
Statistical information about Culloden Academy