Contact Details

  • Phone: 01463 790851 (reception)
  • Email:
  • Address: Keppoch Road, Culloden, Inverness, IV2 7JZ

All pupils are put into one of four ‘Houses’ when they arrive at Culloden Academy. The most important part of this is that it identifies who your child’s Guidance teacher is. As a parent if you have a concern or some good news that you wish to share with the school, your first point of contact will be the Guidance teacher. Even if the concern relates to a specific subject please contact the Guidance teacher in the first instance by ringing the main school number.

The Houses and Guidance teachers are as follows:

  • Clava Picts (CP)- Mr Skinner
  • Drumossie Vikings (DV)- Mr McKnight
  • Keppoch Scots (KS)- Mr Macdonald
  • Leanach Gaels (LG)- Mrs Watt

Additionally, Mr Sawyer and Mr Wilson have further responsibility for specific pupils.

Each member of the Senior Leadership Team is responsible for a particular Year Group. In Session 2021-22 Year Group responsibilities are:

  • S1 – Mr O’Neill
  • S2 – Miss Forrester
  • S3 – Mr Weafer
  • S4 – Mrs Urquhart
  • S5 – Mr O’Neill
  • S6 – Miss Forrester