Curriculum and Course Choice

Note: The Links in this section will only go live when the appropriate form is available and due for submission – this is usually the day following the Parent Information Evening for each Year Group.

As pupils progress from S1, through to the Senior Phase in S4/S5/S6, they are expected to make choices around which subjects to study. In S2 pupils can choose which Languages to specialise in, narrowing from three in S1 to two in S2. In S3, pupils choose subjects from each curriculum mode as well as choosing a Wider Achievement subject. Moving into S4, pupils choose four subjects to study along with English, Maths, PE and PSE. In S5 pupils choose five subjects to study. Pupils should use the links on this pages to access the course choice information and course choice forms that we use to manage this process.

Course Choice for S4 and S5

If you are currently in S4 or S5, you should use the Course Choice Information book for S5/6 along with the list of accompanying videos produced by some departments. Before you make your choices you should consider the information received from the following:

  • 15th February – S4 Reports Issued
  • 6th March – S4/5 Parent Information Evening
  • 8th March – S5 Reports Issued

You will receive a paper copy of the option along with your reports. Use this to work out your Options, but as in previous years, this does not have to be handed in. Instead, your choices should be entered onto the Google Form, which will be available from 6th March.

Pupils currently in S4/5 must complete the Google Form by Tuesday 12th March 2024

S3 into S4 Course Choice

If you are currently in S3 you should use the Course Choice Information book, accompanying subject videos, and the Course Choice Form to determine the subjects you will study in S4. In doing this, you should reflect on the information shared at the S3 Parents’ Evening (14th February 2024) and your S3 Reports (issued 1st February 2024). There is an Information Evening about this process for parents of all S3 pupils on 7th February 2024 when the final Option Form for 2024/25 will also be made available.

While you will receive a paper copy of the Option Form, this year, you should submit your final choices on the Google Form by Friday 16th February 2024.

S2 into S3 Course Choice

Pupils in S2 are allowed to specialise their curriculum when they move into S3. In S3 everyone studies Mathematics and English, plus six further subjects. As S3 is the final year of the Broad General Education phase of Curriculum for Excellence, the six subjects chosen must be from each of five specific curriculum modes, plus a free choice from any mode.

  • Expressive Arts
  • Sciences
  • Languages
  • Technologies
  • Social Subjects

In addition, pupils also choose ONE Wider Achievement subject. This should be selected from the Wider Achievement form.

There is an Information Evening for the parents/carers of all S2 pupils on 10th January 2024. The final option form will also be made available on this date. There is a Parents’ Evening to meet with subject teachers on 24th January 2024

Pupils should work out their choices on the Option Form, but final choices should be entered onto the Google Form by Friday 26th January 2024.

S1 into S2 Language Choice

Pupils in S1 study three languages, each timetabled for one block per week. In S2, pupils study TWO Languages – French and Spanish. Their first choice is timetabled for TWO blocks and their second language is timetabled for ONE block per week.

S1 pupils should complete the Google Form for their S2 Language Choice by Friday 16th February 2024.