Promoting Positive Relationships

Our new Positive Relationships Policy (copy below) was introduced at the end of November 2020 and up-dated in August 2022. This new system replaces our previous behaviour policy which was based around a class transfer system. The new system aims to ensure that both pupils and teachers have their voices heard and communication with parents about this is an important feature.

No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship

Dr James Comer

Our Promoting Positive Relationships Policy is based around our vlaues and all members of the school community will aim to demonstrate these values at all times:

Our new policy is based on Restorative Practice:

Restorative approaches are built on values and seek to separate the person from the behaviour. They promote accountability and seek to repair any harm caused in a situation

Education scotland, 2019

Stage 1: Two clear warnings must be given by the class teacher and consequences of poor choices explained.

Stage 2: If no change is observed a Reflective Card is issued and the pupil is given up to 5 minutes to think outside the classroom. A restorative discussion follows and will be based on the school values. Demerit on Seemis, which will trigger a text sent home so that parent/carer is notified.

Stage 3: If once they are back in class, there is no improvement then the pupil will be asked to leave the classroom and go to the PT if they can house the pupil. If not then they should be sent to the social area or to the seats outside Dr Vance’s office if it’s blocks 6&7 or there is no member of staff in the social area. Class Teacher should email all SMT and Office staff. Class Teacher then completes the SEEMiS referral.

Stage 4: If the PTs have tried to support the Class Teacher in restoring the relationship several times and different strategies have been tried and evidenced then PT should refer to SMT.

If you have any questions please contact your Child’s Guidance Teacher or Year Head.