S3 Gaelic

  • Why Gaelic?
    Advanced Higher Gaelic is designed to enable you to communicate in Gaelic in real-life situations, using a range of modern methods and media. It develops your knowledge of the structure and grammatical rules of spoken Gaelic and encourages interest in Gaelic language, literature, culture and music. The course also helps you to become aware of related career opportunities.
  • Entry to the course
    This is at the discretion of the school/college but you would be expected to have attained

    • Higher Gaelic units or course or an equivalent qualification.
  • Course Outline: There are two units.
  1. Language Study
    This unit develops your skills in reading, listening, talking and writing through new and familiar areas of interest. These skills are integrated and used in the contexts of literature and current affairs. Throughout the unit you are involved in
  2. Language and Culture
    This unit is designed to allow you develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Gaelic language and its associated culture. You are required to produce a Personal Study based on a topic of interest to you. Areas of study may be from contemporary or historical themes, such as media, music, drama and Gaelic organisations. Your Study should be an in-depth investigation in which you demonstrate skills in
      • presenting arguments
      • conversing on current issues
      • reading Gaelic literature
      • presenting critical responses to literary texts
      • writing texts.
      • planning and organising
      • identifying resources
      • researching
      • collating information
      • drawing conclusions
      • presenting a final report.
  • The course is assessed in a number of ways:
    • internal assessment of units in accordance with SQA guidelines
    • internal assessment of listening, subject to external moderation by the SQA
    • internal assessment of listening, subject to external moderation by the SQA
    • internal and external assessment of talk
    • a written examination, set and marked by the SQA
    • external assessment of a folio of written evidence
    • external assessment of a Personal Study.