S2 Gaelic

  • Why Gaelic?
    The study of Gaelic broadens and deepens your understanding of the culture and heritage of Scotland. The language has recently enjoyed a renewal of importance in its role and status in work, society and education. This Higher course has therefore been designed with the needs of individuals and employers in mind. There is, at present, a growth of interest in Gaelic language, literature, culture and music, which is reflected in the performing arts and broadcasting services. This course will enhance your ability to use the Gaelic language in a variety of contexts and make a useful contribution to your general education.
  • Entry to the Course
    This is at the discretion of the department but you would normally be expected to have attained

    • Intermediate 2 Gaelic (Learners) units or course
  • Course Outline: There are 2 units,
  1. Language Study: This unit aims to develop skills in listening, talking, reading and writing. It also provides an introduction to modern Gaelic Literature and an insight into Gaelic culture.

    You will be assessed internally in reading, listening, talking, writing and response to literature in this unit.

  2. You will choose either the Reading and Writing Focus or the Listening and Talking Focus for this unit depending on your personal strengths and the teacher’s advice.

    For the Reading and Writing focus you will have to write an extended piece of journalistic prose and then go on to talk about the piece.

    For the Listening and Talking Focus you give an oral presentation to the class and be prepared to answer questions about your presentation.

    Both units include the course assessment for talk.