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 PE Department Blog

Culloden Academy’s PE department have 7 full time teachers; Mrs Maclean, Mrs Hepburn, Miss Beaton, Mr Dunbar, Mr Calder, Mr Windsor and Mr Davis.  We offer a wide range of courses for all pupils from S1 to S6, both certificate and non-certificate.  In S1 and S2 all pupils have PE 3 times a week.  They will cover a wide range of core activities including hockey, shinty, football, rubgy, gymnastics, swimming, dance, badminton, basketball, fitness/cross-country, social dance.

In S3 and S4 all pupils have core PE twice a week which involves a wide range of activities where the main emphasis is on participation.  Pupils can also opt to study PE as a certificate in National PE.  Pupils will study activities in greater depth with emphasis on Performance and Factors Impacting on Performance.

In S5 and S6 pupils can opt to study PE at  Higher and Advanced Higher levels.