Primary Schools

Our school provides Secondary education for all pupils who live in the areas served by the following Primary Schools:

Additionally pupils attending St. Joseph’s R. C. Primary School transfer to Culloden Academy on completion of their primary schooling if they have an address within our school catchment.

Parents of secondary age pupils whose address lies outwith the catchment area for Culloden Academy may make application to the Education Authority for a place in Culloden Academy.

Parents whose children attend Culloden Academy and who then move to an address outwith the school’s area, but wish their child to remain as a pupil at Culloden Academy should tell us as soon as they can if this is to happen. They will also need to apply in writing for their place to continue at Culloden Academy. Letters of application should be addressed to the Area Education Office, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness.

Parents who need to move their children to another school should contact the Rector well in advance of the proposed leaving date. It will be helpful then for us to know the school that the pupil will be going to so that we can ensure useful information is passed on.

Pupils will be allocated to a House Tutor Group of approximately 20 pupils. They will attend classes in some subjects in these groups and in other subjects they will be in combined groups if up to 33. The Tutor in charge of every group will have responsibility for administrative duties connected with his or her group. Tutors also have an important part to play in the pastoral care of these pupils. They are able to give help and guidance to any pupil who is having difficulty with work or with any aspect of their school life where advice is needed.