Dress Code & Equipment

Uniform can be purchased from www.highland-embroidery.com  (For further online shop information see here)


Wearing school dress code/uniform:

Culloden Academy has a dress code which we wear with pride. Amongst the reasons we are strongly in favour of a school dress code which all pupils follow are the facts that:

• It improves school security by making it easier to identify intruders.
• It is better value than clothing pupils may press parents to buy for school.
• It will give greater equality of appearance and discourage remarks about who can or cannot afford designer clothes.
• It gives a sense of community and a simple focus on what matters- learning.
• It encourages better conduct and improves the atmosphere for learning.
• It could help to reduce truancy by identifying pupils when not in school.
• It heightens the reputation of the school in the community- some of whom are future employers of our young people.

The agreed school dress code for Culloden Academy is:

• Girls’ Cardigan or V neck Jumper black or purple or Boys’ V neck Jumper black.
• Shirt/blouse black or white.
• Trousers/skirt- black only.
• Tie (all pupils are expected to wear the school tie) S5/6 purple, S1-4 striped.

We recognise that some parents find the cost of the official school-wear prohibitive and have decided to buy jumpers and cardigans from other sources which do not have the Culloden Academy logo on them. This is acceptable- so long as they are plain and do not have any other logo on them. For the reasons outlined above, all pupils should be clearly identifiable as a pupil of Culloden Academy and so I would ask that all pupils are wearing the school tie or as a minimum have at least one item with a logo on it or. Please speak to your child’s guidance teacher if there are any difficulties with school clothing as discreet help can be provided.

The following are definitely not for school dress – jogging bottoms, shell suits, training shoes – these are for PE activities not for coming to school in – nor is designer sports wear and logos. Sports tops such as Football, Rugby, American Football tops are not allowed as school dress.

The school will adopt the following measures to ensure compliance with Dress Code:

  • Support for parents in purchasing value for money dress code clothes
  • Supporting staff in their work in ensuring pupils dress properly for school
  • Continuing to involve pupils in influencing details of the dress code
  • Promoting the dress code through our activities with pupils out of school
  • Kitting out pupils in proper team strips in all our sporting activities
  • Informing the local community, local employers and media organisations of our policy

The school will use the following sanctions where pupils fail to follow the Dress Code:

  • Verbal reminders at class, guidance group and individual levels
  • Individual interviews with pupils
  • Monitoring and recording compliance with dress code through focus weeks
  • Letters sent home to parents to seek and offer support and to discuss the importance of school policies
  • Withdrawal of privileges (e.g. discos, clubs, activities)
  • Withdrawal of pupils from visits outwith the school on the grounds of safety and difficulties in identifying pupils as members of the school party
  • Consideration will be given to further sanctions to deal with failure to comply with school dress code

In each case individual judgements will be made to identify pupils who are deliberately flouting the policy from anyone who is not wearing uniform due to temporary financial constraints.

Physical Education

  1. All pupils should take part in P.E. courses to the best of their ability within any physical or medical constraints which may apply.
  2. A suitable change of clothes should be brought for the activity studied.
    • Games (Football, Hockey etc.) Long sleeved top, shorts, socks, boots or training shoes and towel – we advise tracksuit or similar for cold weather.
    • Games (Badminton, Volleyball etc.), Health and Fitness (Aerobics, Weight-training etc.) and Creative and Aesthetic (Gymnastics, Dance etc.) – Tops, shorts, socks and training shoes (not black soles).
    • Aquatics (Swimming, Life-saving etc.) Swimming trunks or one piece costume and towel.
  3. When a pupil cannot participate in the active part of P.E. due to illness or injury, a note from home should be brought explaining the extent and likely duration of the medical complaint. Such pupils should be prepared to officiate. If pupils return to school before they are entirely recovered from viral infection such as ‘flu’ they will still be expected to study the activity in the usual area of work. They will be required to participate, although not fully, and should come prepared with the appropriate clothing. This must include waterproofs if the activity is to be outdoors. Pupils may be excused on a regular basis only if there is a valid medical reason supported by a medical certificate.

Food Technology

Part of the course involves practical food work. In order to take part the pupils must be appropriately dressed and kitted out, i.e. they should:-

  • Wear safe clothing (*)
  • Have hair tied back
  • Have unpolished nails
  • Remove sweatshirt
  • Bring a suitable food container (**)

* Safe clothing is a school polo shirt or a cotton T-shirt. Short skimpy tops, lycra tops, polyester tops and football shirts may not be worn since they are not deemed safe. An apron will be provided.
** If pupils are unable to provide an ovenproof dish when required, a small foil container and lid may be purchased at the teacher’s discretion for a small sum.

Pupils Representing the School
Where pupils are representing the school, either individually or in groups, they will be expected to wear school dress.