Help and support when school re-opens in August 2020

How can I check which group am I in?

We all forget things so please don’t worry. You will have a Year Group Google Classroom and if you look in it there is a list of which group everyone in your year is in. It will be clearly displayed on the website which days of the week your group are expected to be in school. It is essential that you attend these days and only attend these days. Absolutely no swapping will be permitted.

What if I have fallen behind while working at home?

It can be fixed. One advantage of Google Classroom is that activities and presentations remain accessible for a long time. If you are reading this it is probably because you are ready to deal with this situation so in small chunks, tackle some of the work you have missed. Then, when you are in school, ask your teacher for help with things that you are struggling with rather than things you haven’t even looked at. Staff know how difficult this phase has been for many young people and working together it can definitely be addressed.

Will I be safe in school?

Yes. It is EVERYONE’s responsibility to make it safe for you. We have put in place measures to make buses, start of day, classrooms, break, lunch, moving in the corridors, toilets and end of day safe for you. As a community we can make this work and to be part of our community people will have to play their part on the days that they are in school.

Have there been any changes in the behaviour policy?

Yes. There will be no class transfers to minimise travel in the corridor and mixing of different groups. If a situation cannot be addressed by the teacher with a restorative conversation, then SMT or a Duty Manager will be called and the pupil will not appear in any further classes that day.

How do I get help with my Mental Health?

Your first route is through your Guidance Teacher and that is why it is so important that you answer the daily return and emotional check-in factually and in detail.

Will there be after school activities?

No. To give plenty of time for the cleaning team to make our building clean and safe, all staff and pupils are expected to leave the building within 30 minutes of the end of the school day.