The Rest is Politics Trip

Higher Politics went to Edinburgh on 13th September to see The Rest is Politics podcast. To start off, pupils had a few hours of free time in Edinburgh to be tourists for the day and explore, shop and eat lots of good food! This was some of our pupils first time in Edinburgh so it was great to be able to offer them this experience. In the evening, we went to Usher Hall where the podcast was taking place. We were lucky enough to Meet Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart who were extremely welcoming and asked the pupils questions about politics. We met them on their stage and also got a great group photo – Mrs Gordon was possibly the most excited of us all! After this, we went and got our seats and watched the show, where the pupils were super engaged and involved in what was being discussed. The Rest is Politics does a Q+A session and 3 questions were answered that had been put forward by our Culloden Academy pupils which was fantastic – they will be able to use their responses in essays and their assignments. Not only this, but our school were given at least 2 shoutouts in front of a sell out audience of over 2000 people. We also are Twitter famous after Alastair posted our group photo on his twitter page!