Road Safety – Barn Church Crossings

The pedestrian crossing East of the school on Barn Church Road is presently out of action. In the meantime, until it is repaired, we are requesting that pupils use the crossing West of the school/Keppoch Road junction. This will involve a slight detour for pupils who should use the pelican crossing on Keppoch Road then the west-side pedestrian crossing. It is important to be aware of road safety at this busy junction.

The Council have issued the following statement regarding the repair works for the faulty crossing:

The Council has tried several times to repair the crossing lights but faults keep reappearing and putting the signals out after a short time. We have now identified that the fault lies in the underground cables and not any of the on street equipment.  We are arranging for the traffic signal company to come up from the central belt to fully re-cable the crossing but don’t have a confirmed date yet but it has been logged as an urgent fault.