General questions about August 2020

There is no introductory video this time but I will add to this section as we receive additional questions. You can submit questions at

How will attendance and registration work in this ‘Blended Learning’ phase?

If you are unable to attend school on your scheduled day, please notify the school office by telephone or email as you would usually. The telephone number is 01463 790851 or

If it is a day when you are due to be working at home, this will be recorded using the daily check in sheet in your online classroom. If you fail to register each morning, you will be marked as absent and there is no need for a parent or guardian to call or email in.

Can I go home for lunch?

Yes but we will need a written request from your parent and will issue a pass- pupils will not be allowed to go to the shops in groups whilst the school remains responsible for social distancing. Therefore pupils will be expected to remain in school to better ensure social distancing and avoid the spread of Covid-19 for as long as there are social distancing expectations- it is a big part of keeping everyone safe.

Can I still meet with my CSW/Social worker?

Yes but many of these meetings may well take place through Google Meets or some other platform. We do have offices that can be used for socially distanced meetings if required.

Will a PSA still be able to help me?

Of course: though the nature of that support will be changed by the requirements of social distancing and will be either distanced or online.

Can I travel to school in my friend’s car?

Social distancing rules still apply in cars. With masks now compulsory on public transport, it is possible that pupils wearing masks will be allowed to travel in a car not driven by a family member by the time we return in August but this is a decision for the Scottish Government to make.

What sports will we be able to do in school?

The PE department are still considering this. No sharing of equipment is a significant challenge but we are in contact with other schools and are looking at national advice to see what is possible.

Do I need to bring hand-soap and hand-sanitiser?

It is not compulsory- the school will have adequate supplies. If you feel safer or more comfortable bringing your own, that will be fine.

What are the rules about wearing masks?

Masks are now compulsory for people using public transport- with some exceptions. At this stage there is no expectation that pupils will wear them or even should wear them in class. We will monitor medical advice very carefully and if this position changes, we can access masks for any pupil.