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Culloden Academy’s  Department of Art and Design has four teachers; Ms. Reid, Ms. McCormack, Ms. Hay and Mr. Airey. The department is housed in a wonderfully large and bright, purpose-built open plan space.  Learners from S1 to S6 are able to experience a wide variety of creative artistic processes through various Expressive and Design activities.

In S1 and S2 learners focus on core drawing and painting skills and explore different types of line drawing and shading techniques. Learners explore paint mixing, colour theory and brush stroke methods and are encouraged to experiment with a wide variety of media and mark – making tools and techniques. Pupils also investigate how different artists use mark making techniques to achieve form and texture and to convey different moods and meanings.  An introduction to Graphic Design  exlores function, media, pattern, contrast, harmony and typography. Pupils attend classes two times per week and have access to the department during lunchtimes.

In S3, learners undertake the Broad General Education course which has been designed to give everyone good experience of a wide variety of materials and techniques. Learners all have toe opportunity to work with clay, printmaking, textiles, painting, Photoshop and stencilling. Learners also explore the work of other artists and designers which inspires and informs the different projects and is closely linked to their practical work.

In S4, learners choosing to undertake the National 4 or National 5 Certificate in Art and Design attend lessons five times per week and enquire more deeply into the Design and Expressive disciplines through more personally selected projects. Within the Design discipline, learners can choose to work from a selected ‘brief’ from within the areas of Graphic, Jewellery, Product, Architecture or Fashion Design. Within the Expressive discipline, learners explore a wide variety of media and subject matter including Landscape, Cityscape, Portraiture, Still Life, etc. There is an expressive and a design unit which is completed  within the department and a selection of coursework is submitted to the SQA. A one hour final written exam concludes the National 5 course.

In S5 and S6, pupils choosing to undertake the National5 or Higher (National6) Certificate attend lessons six blocks per week and produce a full design unit and a full Expressive unit  throughout the year.  The unit work remains within the school while the coursework and final piece are submitted to the SQA. The National 5 and Higher  courses also involve undertaking a final written exam.

Pupils in S6 can choose to progress from the Higher  certificate level to the Advanced Higher Certificate course which involves more intensive, self-led investigation into either the Design or the Exressive discipline. Pupils will create a portfolio of work and can opt to produce either a written piece to accompany their main discipline or an additional practical unit in their secondary discipline. Often, pupils will progress from the Advanced Higher level to make successful applications to one of the Scottish Art Colleges or to undertake Architecture courses.