Plans for August 2020

UPDATED 2/7/20

Today Highland Council released a set of Frequently Asked Questions for Parents and Carers about Return to School. Please refer first and foremost to these if you have concerns. They can be accessed here.

UPDATED 23/6/20

As you will be aware, this afternoon the Deputy First Minister announced that so long as certain medical benchmarks are achieved we will be opening for all pupils full time in August. I would like to reassure you that organisationally we are in a very good position to engage with this situation because:

  1. If the trend continues we have a full timetable ready for the first day with classes that our staff and young people have already invested in.
  2. If there is a small spike we have a plan in place to accommodate 50% of pupils in school any one day
  3. If they decide that they have been hasty and 2 metre social distancing is required again, we have a plan in place to accommodate that
  4. If the situation deteriorates significantly back to early May levels, we will continue the work you have been doing.

It was already my intention to write to all parents and pupils explaining what scenarios 2 and 3 (2 metre and 1 metre social distancing) would mean and I intend to do this in the coming days just in case this is what we return to. We will also confirm what August arrangements look like if we are returning to 100% attendance and this should be available on Monday of next week.  In the meantime I will leave the information below and linked available on the website because today’s announcement was an aspiration not an absolute guarantee that the system described below will not be required.


This section gives pupils and parents details of what it will be like to be a pupil of Culloden Academy in August 2020. I’ve broken the information into 4 sections and within each section I’ve provided information on topics which I think pupils and parents will want to find out about.

I hope this is helpful.

Health and Safety

School life

Help and support

General questions


Best wishes,

Dr Vance