Young Scot’s new learning resources

We are encouraging schools, parents, guardians and community learning hubs to use our digital information and resources to support learner activities. The information covers a range of topics that can facilitate learning across the curriculum.

To enhance this learning, we have created online resources and activities linked to the Experiences and Outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence. They vary from activities that are solely completed online – to activities that involve writing, creating, making or doing at home. The activities will relate to information articles on

This is a difficult time for young people as they are out of their daily learning routines. Our new activities and resources support independent learning. They also help to ensure that young people have the chance to meet learning outcomes while also learning about the world around them. We are working with partners to create our information articles and activities. This ensures that all #YSSchools resources are quality-assured and relevant.

You can visit our learning resource here.