Wellbeing Surveys

We know this has been a very challenging and unsettling time for our children, young people and families. As we continue to review the current situation and plan the next steps in supporting our children’s education and wellbeing, we are gathering the views of young people and families to inform the planning process. To help us to do this, included with this letter you will find links to questionnaires for children and young people in the Broad General Education (S1-3) and Senior Phase (S4-6) of their education. You will also find a link to a parental questionnaire.

The questionnaires are quite short and include several questions about any worries you or your child may have, and any concerns about learning or wellbeing. The questionnaire is anonymous and data will be collated into themes to support the planning and delivery of education as we look to school returning after the summer. Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire, which will close on 8th June. If you have any specific concerns that requires a reply, please contact the school directly.