School Re-opening Update

“I know you will be very keen to have some details about what the planned re-opening of the school on August 11th will look like and I am equally keen to give you the information. This week Senior Management will be completing risk assessments and producing protocols to allow for your child to return safely to school. For as long as we have two metre social distancing we can only have a significantly reduced number of pupils in the building on any given day and we are working on the assumption that this will still be the case in August. One of the strengths of the plan that we have is that if that guidance changes and we can take more pupils in, we will be able to do so instantly. We need this week to test out our ideas, to amend or cancel elements that we cannot justify through risk assessments and to create a safe and sensible return to face to face learning and teaching. I will update you next week as to progress and look forward to bringing a detailed plan to you for comment later this month.

Best wishes,

Dr J Vance”