S2 information evening



The following letter has been sent home today in S2 pupils’ schoolbags:

Dear Parents/Carers

S2 Information Evening on 14th December

The S2 Parents’ Evening is on Wednesday 18th January from 6pm until 8pm when you will have the opportunity to meet with most of your child’s teachers and get specific information about how they are progressing in their learning.

Prior to this, on Wednesday 14th December at 7pm there is an Information Evening for S2 Parents which will be led by some of the school’s Senior Management Team. At this evening event we will outline what choices and decisions your child will need to make for next session and give some further information about what is likely to be available in S4-6. If you would like some further information about our curriculum and your child’s options in future years, please return the cut-off slip below. If there is sufficient interest we will also organise a tour round the school.

Please be aware that your child’s teachers will not be in attendance on 14th December and so we will not be able to answer specific questions about this session. Such questions will be answered on the 18th January and the paperwork for that will be issued in the first week back after the holidays.

Yours faithfully


Dr J Vance




Pupil______________________________     Register Class____________


I/we will be attending and would like ____ seats for the event.


I/we would be interested in a tour round the school.                         Yes                         No