Get ‘results ready’ with MySQA

The SQA have been asking schools to encourage our students to get ‘results ready’ with MySQA.

This is a digital service run in addition to the postal service for the delivery of results.

Some pupils use it and others prefer the old traditional route of waiting for the envelope to drop through the letterbox.

The easiest way for your child to receive their National Qualifications results this summer is via the MySQA service.

Learners must sign up at before 5 pm on Tuesday 14 July 2020. To register, all they need is their Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) and a valid email address. They can then choose to receive their results by text and/or email.  If your child doesn’t remember the candidate number they should contact using their school email address for data protection reasons.

For learners already registered for MySQA, we’re asking them to check their details are correct and update their preferences.

Learners expecting their results for National Courses and awards, National Certificates, National Progression Awards, and Skills for Work courses, will receive their results no later than Tuesday 4 August.

Further guidance for parents, carers and learners is available on our website.


National Qualifications web page for learners

Last week, we created a new page on our website to keep learners up to date on what is happening with 2020 National Qualifications. This page will be updated as and when we have further information. Visit for more information and to view frequently asked questions.