Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to the formal classroom education, a great deal of learning goes on through the many clubs in existence in our school. These activities generally occur at lunch-time and after school matches. Clubs currently in operation are listed below:

Clubs                                                                                     Member(s) of Staff

Athletics (Boys & Girls)                                                       Physical Education Staff

Basketball (Boys & Girls)                                                   Mrs A Maclean/Mr M Windsor/                                                                                                                                  Miss I Scott-Woodhouse

Badminton (S1/2)                                                               Mr C Angus/Mr C McKay

Bike Club                                                                             Mr P Crossley and Mr M Maclean

Bridge                                                                                  Mr A Whiteford

Camera Club (S5)                                                             Mrs J Hay/Ms K McCormack/Ms M Galleitch

Choir – S1/2                                                                        Miss C Munro

Choir – S3-6                                                                        Miss C Munro and Miss J Burgess

Confidence Swimming                                                      Mrs A Hepburn/Mrs A Maclean

Culloden Strings                                                                 Miss O Ross

Cross Country Running                                                    Mr G Calder

Dance                                                                                   Miss J Wallace

Drama Workshops                                                            Drama Prefects

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme                                Mrs C Muirhead/Mr I Airey

Film Production                                                                 Ms K Van Exan/Senior Pupils

Football U13                                                                       Mr A Robertson/Mr A Harrison/Mr G Skinner

Football U14                                                                       Mr D Inglis

Football Senior                                                                  Mr D Eadie and Mr I Weafer

Gaelic Singing                                                                    Miss H Macrae

Games Club                                                                        Miss R Cavellini and Miss G Thomas

Guitar                                                                                   Music Prefects

Golf                                                                                       Mr M Windsor

Gymnastics                                                                         Miss R Young

Highland Dancing                                                              Mrs M Spence

Hockey                                                                                 Miss C Matheson

Madrigals                                                                            Miss J Burgess

Musical Productions                                                         Music & Drama Department – Assisted by other                                                                                                  Members of Staff

Percussion Group                                                              Mr D Galbraith

Philosophy                                                                          Mr D Kerr

Piping Group, S1/2                                                           Mr J MacGregor

Pottery Club                                                                       Art Staff

Puppetry Club                                                                   Mrs B Henderson

Rock Challenge                                                                 Miss C Matheson/Miss R Young

Romania Project                                                               Mrs C Muirhead

Rowing – Indoor                                                                Ms K Van Exan

Science Club                                                                      Miss K Hanson, Dr M Rex and Dr A Zycinski

Scottish Country Dancing                                               Mrs M Spence and Mrs L Shepherd

Scripture Union                                                                Mrs A Mackenzie

Sketching Club                                                                  Art Prefects

Ski Club/Trips                                                                   Mr I Airey/Mrs J Johnston/Mrs L Shepherd

Sound/Lighting Crew                                                      Miss C Munro/Ms K Van Exan

Studio drawing sessions for S6/Staff                            Ms R Reid

Textile workshops                                                            Ms K McCormack

Traditional Band                                                               Miss O Ross

Triathlon Club                                                                   Mr G Calder

Vocal confidence workshops                                          Music prefects

Wind Band                                                                         Mr R Farmer/Mrs S Aldred/Miss C Munro

Yearbook Committee                                                       Miss R Young/Miss I Scott-Woodhouse

Young Enterprise                                                             Miss C Thomson/Mrs J Hay/Miss I Scott-Woodhouse
The enthusiasm and commitment of teachers and staff who give up their own free time ensures that all these opportunities can be offered to our pupils.