Welcome to Culloden Academy



Culloden Academy strives to be a:

CARING community which celebrates the creativity of all of our pupils. A school which works hard to

UNDERSTAND the individual circumstances of our pupils and to support them to achieve their potential. Where

LOYALTY and respect towards all members of the community are valued. Where a lifelong love of

LEARNING is central to all that we do; so that pupils can achieve their best, both now and in the future. We will always work hard to ensure that

OUR ETHOS is warm, welcoming and reassuring to pupils, staff, parents, partners and our community. We have a

DIVERSE CURRICULUM which responds to learners’ needs and ensures that our pupils receive the highest quality of learning and teaching. We are a school community where pupils are

ENCOURAGED to excel in many different ways within a

NURTURING space, where the warm and friendly atmosphere enables pupils to thrive.


Rector’s Message

Culloden Academy is one of the largest Highland schools with more than 1000 pupils. We are just east of Inverness city, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. Offering an enormous range of sporting, musical, enterprising, drama and cultural activities for our pupils, we also enjoy a relaxed social atmosphere. Our excellent teaching staff work hard in conjunction with high quality facilities to give your child an enviable secondary school career and very good skills, experiences and qualifications to take on to their next steps in life.

This website is a hub for the latest school news, as well as providing subject and course choice information for pupils and parents. Departmental blogs are used increasingly to provide learning opportunities for pupils at home as well as information on our rich and varied range of activities. We hope you like what you see.

Dr J Vance, Rector.

Map of School’s Location