Year Group Google Classrooms

School will open for ALL pupils in August as announced in the press. However, we must still have a plan in case we need to open at any point using social distancing measures. We have divided our pupils into 4 groups to support this. We have created these aligned sibling groupings and considered the impact of these social distancing pressures on school transport. Given the work that has gone into creating these, no swaps will be considered at this time. Each group would have one day in school each week Monday to Thursday and we intend to rotate the use of Fridays to maximise pupil contact. I must stress again that these are plans IN CASE we need to change at any time.

There were ICT issues earlier but pupils can log-in to Google classrooms for their year group and see the details there.


New S1:              kta465m

S2:                       fpen5lr

S3:                       ylgtiaj

S4:                       f6vuzve

S5&6                   imqc5br