SQA guidance for learners, parents and carers.

On Thursday 2nd April SQA issued a comprehensive update to schools about how they intend to proceed with certification of all courses this year. Once the holiday is over our staff will begin to work through the various aspects of this in order to support our young people and to support a fair and consistent certification process in August. There is no need for pupils to submit further work to their teachers. SQA have also provided clarification for learners, parents and carers and it is can be accessed at https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/files_ccc/020420-SQA-NQ2020-Parent-Carer-covid-19-FAQ.pdf


Simultaneously we are trying to start the new classes for next session even earlier than the advertised change of timetable date of 18th May. A revised date will be issued in due course.