Positive COVID-19 case – 24/11/2020

Unfortunately I have to report to you that there has been another positive case for a pupil at Culloden Academy. I know this is concerning but please note the start of the second paragraph of the attached letter from the Health Protection Team which states “As you are aware this is the 3rd confirmed case in the school in the last two weeks. Although these cases do not appear to be directly linked, this indicates that COVID-19 infection is circulating within the local community.”

My involvement this morning leads me to believe that there is nothing the school could have done differently to prevent any of these cases and there is no evidence that there has been any transmission in school.

Please discuss the contents of this letter with your child/young person so that we can work together to minimise the risk of further community transmission and keep the school safe.


Best wishes,

J Vance, Head Teacher